Conversational English

Conversational English

Who are our conversational English courses for?

Maybe you want to speak to people in English, but:

  • You’re afraid that you don’t what words to use
  • You’re shy about your accent
  • You want to practice in a supportive, safe environment before going out on your own

Maybe you want to study:

  • In a fun, easygoing environment
  • Without worrying too much about grammar or academic writing

If this sounds like you, our conversational English courses would be a perfect fit.

Each lesson you will learn how to speak English in everyday situations and how to sound like a native speaker.

Not only that, but you will have fun learning with our native English speaking, professional teachers.

Each class, you will learn about a different topic:

  • Getting to know new friends
  • Talking about your family
  • Food and drink
  • Day to day activities
  • Telling a story, jokes and fun expressions
  • Each topic will teach you language that you can use straight away.

And the reasons why you should come to IH Bangkok for your conversational English course? You can be sure that all our teachers:

  • Are native English speakers
  • Have, at least, the Cambridge CELTA
  • Have a bachelor degree from a reputable university in an English speaking country
  • Are dedicated to teaching you what you need to know in a fun, relaxed, and informative way

Please contact IH Chiang Mai to talk about how we can help you to meet your goals, feel confident when you speak English, and have fun while learning! Contact us at to schedule a free assessment today.

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