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Classes that meet your needs

Full-time and part-time courses covering a wide range of English language topics: from General English to Business English, as well as English for Academic Purposes and Exam Preparation.

You can take part in a group course, study privately (1:1) or in small groups (1:2, 1:3, 1:4), or sign up for a mixed group or a closed group course. It’s all up to you. Download our brochure or continue browsing our site for more information.

Full-time Courses: 25 hours per week

Monday – Friday: 9:00am to 12:15pm

Monday – Friday: 1:00pm – 3:00pm.

Part-time Courses: 15 hours per week

Monday – Friday: 9:00am to 12:15pm

Maximum number of students per class: 12

Levels: Elementary, Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate, Upper Intermediate, and Advanced.

Placement test: Oral and written placement test on arrival or you can visit for our online placement test.

Starting dates:  Our courses start every Monday.  All courses are run subject to demand and availability.

Course duration: Students can enrol for any number of weeks.

All courses have a 15-hour/week General English language component. A further 10 hours/week can be spent on Business English, Academic English or private tuition.

At the end of your class, International House Chiang Mai will provide you with a full written report detailing your progress and giving you helpful suggestions for next steps and of course you’ll receive a handsome certificate which you can proudly display at your home or office.

And since communication is a two-way street, we want to hear from you as well! We’ll ask for your comments and suggestions in our feedback form so that we can continue to learn and grow as a school – ensuring that each Study Holiday at International House Chiang Mai will be better than the last!

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