Can I do the Delta without a Celta qualification?It is not compulsory to have a Celta or prior teaching qualification,...

Can I do the Delta without a Celta qualification?
It is not compulsory to have a Celta or prior teaching qualification, though it helps greatly if you have. It also depends on the extent of your teaching experience. The pre-interview tasks and interview itself are designed to see if Delta is a suitable choice for you.
Can I do the Delta if I’ve only had one year’s teaching experience after the Celta?
We would recommend at least two years’ experience in a range of levels and contexts to be better prepared and get the most out of the Delta, but this is not compulsory.
I don’t have any teaching experience. Is that a problem?
No. Indeed, the course was originally designed as a pre-service training course for people with no teaching experience. In all probability, there will be people attending your course who do have some teaching experience but there is no need to compare yourself unfavourably with them in your early teaching practice because you feel more nervous. Your tutors will take your inexperience into account and, in any case, experienced teachers may find themselves with some unlearning of bad habits to do while you have the decided advantage of being a clean slate.
I have done Module 1 (the written exam), and would like to do Module 2. Can I?
Yes, though there is no adjustment in course fee for candidates who are only focusing on one of the modules.
Why is there a separate fee for Module 3 (the extended assignment) tutor support?
The course fee of US$3,500 is for the 8-week intensive course, during which you will receive all the necessary input for Module 3. The optional tutor support, which costs an additional US$350, would involve three face-to-face or Skype tutorials, help with drafting, and bibliographies of suggested reading.
Do I have to take the Module 1 exam at IH Chiang Mai?
No, you can take it any recognised Cambridge examination centre, including ones that don’t run the Delta.
What’s the difference between doing the Delta and doing an MA in TESOL or Applied Linguistics?
The main difference in terms of content is that the Delta is more practical and a Master’s more theoretical and/or research-based. We would advise you to research the types of institutions and teaching you would like to be doing to find out which qualification they favour in order to make a decision.
Is it possible to do Module 3 during the course?
No, because you need an existing class in the specialist area of your choice to base the assignment on.
When is the deadline for Module 3?
There is no deadline. You can either submit it by the first Wednesday of June or December any year.
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