Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions Cancellations/Refunds for Study Holiday If a booking is cancelled, we must be notified in writing at the...

Terms and Conditions

Cancellations/Refunds for Study Holiday

If a booking is cancelled, we must be notified in writing at the earliest opportunity Please send to [email protected] All cancellations will be acknowledged in writing and the following terms apply:

Course Fees

Cancel 29 days or more before the course begins = 100% of the course fees will be refunded but bank transfer fees or registration fees will not be refunded.

Cancel 14-28 days before the course begins = 50% of the course fees will be refunded but bank transfer fees or registration fees will not be refunded.

Cancel 13 days or fewer = 0% of fees will be refunded.

*Please note any cancellation must be made in writing sent to [email protected] The receipt of date (Bangkok time) in the received email will be used to determine the amount of the refund.

Accommodation and Transfer Fees

Cancel 15 days or more before the course begins = 100% of the accommodation and airport transfer fees will be refunded

Cancel 14 days or fewer before the course begins = 0% of the accommodation and airport transfer fees will be refunded due to our partner hotels’ refund policies.


If you cancel your Study Holiday course at any time, 1 postponement is available. The postponed course start date must take place within a year of the original course start date. In this case your registration fee and course fee will not be lost, but transferred to a new date. If you postpone under 2 weeks before the original course start date, it may be that the accommodation and transfer fees will still be lost as our partner hotels’ refund policies affect this.

Cancellations/Refunds for Teacher Training

The deposit once paid is non-refundable. Failure to complete full payment of the course fee a month before the course starts may mean the applicant forfeits their place on the course and their deposit.

For all teacher training courses run by IH Bangkok and Chiang Mai:

More than 1 month before the course start date

  • Cancellations are permitted but with a loss of deposit only and any related transfer costs
  • Postponements are permitted without charge on one occasion.
  • Any subsequent postponement after the first will incur a 100 USD administration fee. This fee will need to be paid in advance before any rebooking confirmation is made for a later course.

Less than 1 month before the course start date

  • No cancellations can be made
  • Postponements may only be permitted in the case of a severe medical condition to the trainee with written evidence from a hospital medical doctor stating the trainee will not be medically fit to follow the specific course and is subject to the following two conditions:
    • 1) If a replacement can be found and the booked course remains full then the trainee may postpone following the rules above for cases in which there is more than 1 month before the start date
    • 2) If a replacement cannot be found to make the trainee’s original course full, then the trainee may postpone 1 time but must wait for a course to have a remaining spot available at best 1 week before the start date of a given course. In these circumstances the trainee needs to understand that they cannot be guaranteed a place on a specific course dates in advance. They will need to wait at least until 7 days or possibly less if bookings are unclear before the start date to receive an e-mail from IH Administration Team confirming availability on those specific course dates or not. It may turn out that we may not be able to give a full 7 days for a particular course if we are waiting for final confirmations from other candidates for a particular course. If that means there is not enough time for a trainee candidate who has previously postponed at the last minute for medical reasons as above, then it needs to be accepted as a no for that specific course and we will look for availability on the next course. In all cases, the trainee should wait for confirmation from the IH Administration Team before making any travel arrangements.
  • Only 1 postponement less than 1 month before the course start is permissible.
  • The above also applies to accommodation if we are arranging it for you. Please note that once you check in to the accommodation refunds are not available.

Please note that in cases that trainees have problems, these conditions have given a favourable solution to both parties in numerous cases without causing the trainee additional expenses.


For English courses the school can assist the student with an ED Visa if necessary. The letter of recommendation will be given to the student once all fees have been paid. If the student is studying for less than 3 months, we recommend that the student applies for a 60 day tourist visa, which can be extended by an additional 30 days for a total of 90 days.

Although rare, if the student is denied an ED Visa we will refund course fees (minus any administrative costs associated with applying for the ED Visa). We will also work with the student to think of other possible options to study without an ED Visa.

Long Term Rates

We offer the following rates for Study Holiday Courses (Prices are per week and in Thai Baht):

Course Type

1 week

2-6 weeks

7-12 weeks

13-24 weeks

25+ weeks

General English 15






General English 25

Business English 25

IELTS English 25







The discount we offer on long term courses are only valid if you sign up for that length of time at one time. If you sign up originally for 12 weeks, then for 8 weeks, you do not receive the 20 week rate.

Taking Breaks during Study Holiday Courses
If the student signs up for 10 weeks to 19 weeks, they will receive one week that they can take for holiday within their course.

If the student signs up for 20 or more weeks, they will receive 2 weeks that they can take for holiday within their course.

Example 1: A student signs up for 12 weeks of classes – they are able to choose one week within the twelve weeks of study if they would like to take a holiday. The course would then last 13 weeks with one week of holiday.

Example 2: A student is able to study for four weeks, take a three week holiday, and then study for four more weeks. However, they will not be able to receive the eight week discounted rate.


It is highly recommended that you get comprehensive travel, repatriation, medical and course insurance to cover your period of international study. International House Bangkok and International House Chiang Mai offer insurance through a partner company, Guard.me. You can find more information here.


Payment must be received in full one month before the first day of your course. If your course starts in less than one month payment must be received in full within 7 days of booking. International House Bangkok and Chiang Mai is not responsible for any bank charges incurred by international bank transfer.

You may pay by:

  • International Bank Transfer in Thai Baht, USD, or BPD (USD and British Pound Sterling only for CELTA and Delta). Please note that International Bank Transfers
  • Credit and Debit Cards with StudyPay (there is a 2% bank fee. Visa and MasterCard)
  • Local Bank Transfer (£2 Fee) with StudyPay (only applies to certain countries – please see a list below)

Your total course fees are made up of the following:

  • Course registration fee (if applicable)
  • Course fee
  • Accommodation fee (if applicable)
  • Airport transfer fee (if applicable)
Registration Fee
A registration fee of 3000 Baht is payable for all new enrolments. If you start your next course within 12 months of your last course, this fee will not be charged.
We do not accept responsibility for personal injury or for loss or damage to personal property unless it is due to the negligence of International House or its employees. Any valuables should be left at home. We do not accept responsibility for events outside the control of the company such as strikes, bad weather, war, transportation delays, sickness or quarantine.
The admission of a student is conditional on acceptance of these terms & conditions and of the rules published by the school; these will be sent out along with the joining documentation. While every effort will be made to contact parents or guardians regarding serious breaches of school rules, the centre manager may at his/her discretion impose sanctions, including suspension or expulsion. We reserve the right to dismiss any student whose standard of conduct is unsatisfactory at the discretion of the centre manager. There will be no refund of fees in cases of expulsion and all costs incurred due to this must be paid for by the student.
All students are liable for loss or damage to school property for which they are responsible. A deduction will be made from students’ pocket money or an invoice sent to parents for any loss or damage incurred.
StudyPay Local Bank Transfer – Qualifying Countries
A local bank transfer (2 GBP) is allowed in the following countries:

Country Debit/Credit Card Local Bank Account Transfer
Australia AUD
Austria EUR
Belgium EUR
Bulgaria BGN
Canada CAD, USD
China CNY Integration in process
Croatia HRK
Czech Republic CZK
Denmark DKK
Ecuador USD
Finland EUR
France EUR
Germany EUR
Hong Kong HKD
Hungary HUF
India INR Coming soon
Indonesia IDR Coming soon
Ireland EUR
Italy EUR
Japan JPY Coming soon
Kosovo EUR
Latvia EUR
Lithuania EUR
Malaysia MYR
Malta EUR
Mexico MXN
Morocco MAD
Netherlands EUR
New Zealand NZD
Norway NOK
Philippine PHP
Poland PLN
Portugal EUR
Romania RON
Russia RUB
Saudi Arabia SAR Coming soon
Singapore SGD
Slovakia EUR
South Africa ZAR Coming soon
Spain EUR
Sweden SEK
Switzerland CHF, EUR
Thailand THB
Timor-Leste (East Timor) USD
Turkey TRY
United Arab Emirates AED
United Kingdom GBP
United States of America USD
Zimbabwe USD
Iceland ISK

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